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Postage stamps "Narcissus poeticus Postage Republic of Iraq 25 Fils" - Philately
(2945 / 2691)
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Tags:   Iraq,   Year (Other),   Flora (Flowers)         «Add a postage stamp»
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Narcissus poeticus Postage Republic of Iraq 25 Fils - Postage stamps - Philately
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Narcissus poeticus Postage Republic of Iraq 25 Fils
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(2945 / 2691)
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Postage stamps by country, on years, by theme
Narcissus poeticus Postage Republic of Iraq 25 Fils - Postage stamps - Philately.
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Rubric anecdote
Casual anecdote
(Семья, папа и дочка рисуют. Только дочка рисует в альбоме, а папа в Photoshop'е.
Дочка: - Папа. папа. Я случайно разлила краску на лист.
Папа: - Ты только ничего не трогай, а сразу жми Undo.)
The Family, pope(pa) and daughter draw. Only, the daughter draws in album, but pope(pa) in Photoshop'е.
the Daughter: - a Pope(pa). the pope(pa). I have accidentally poured the paint on sheet.
the Pope(pa): - You only nothing not touch, but immediately press Undo.
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