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Postage stamps "Sikawka parowa. XIX W." - Philately
(2053 / 2578)
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Tags:   Poland,   Year (Other),   Cars
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e-Mail:     10 Jan 2008
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In the following 5 participants in the auction of the 7 is similar postage stamp, and they are willing to sell it
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Sikawka parowa. XIX W. Z.Stasik PWPW Polska 4zł - Postage stamps - Philately
Your price: $
Average price: $41.29   Voted: 7
Selling: min $14.00 (7 lots)

In the following 5 participants in the auction of the 7 is
postage stamp, and they are willing to sell it:

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Sikawka parowa. XIX W.
*** Free auction of the postage stampses, sale, buying. The Estimation of the cost of the postage stampses ***

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Tags:   Poland,   Year (Other),   Cars
(2053 / 2578)
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(- Дети, - обратилась учительница к классу, - сегодня вечером будет полное затмение луны. Это явление - очень редкое, и я надеюсь, что вы его посмотрите. Запомните, начало в двадцать пятнадцать.
- А по какой программе?)
- A Children, - addressed the tutoress to class, - will tonight be a full eclipse of the moon. This phenomena - very rare, and I hope that you his(its) see. Remember, begin in twenty fifteen.
- А on what program?
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