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Music for fortepiano
Music to music product, which I delivered on academic concerto
6 class ( 14 May, 2004 )
I. S. Bah "Allemanda" from "French сюиты №3" ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet
Shmidt "Elegy" ,  2 sheet
Etude ,  2 sheet
6 class ( December, 2003 )
Zh. Dyuvernua "Etude" ,  2 sheet
I. Gaydn "The Light sonata" The Salt major ,  2 sheet
R. Glier "Outline" ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet
5 class
A. Kolomiec "Play - a springtime"
I. S. Bah "Aria from french сюиты"
L. Schwartz "Gavot" ,  2 sheet
4 class
Yu. Shurovskiy "Steepe song"
G. Gracioli "Sonata" Part I ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet ,  4 sheet
V. Kosenko "Rain" ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet
P. Chaykovskiy "Song lark" ,  2 sheet
R. Shuman "Huntsman song"
B. Dvarionas "Waltz" ,  2 sheet
Old motive
3 class
F. Shopen "Prelude"
P. Chaykovskiy "Waltz" from opera "Evgeniy Onegin", Ensemble - Secondo ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet ,  4 sheet
P. Chaykovskiy "Waltz" from opera "Evgeniy Onegin", Ensemble - Primo ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet ,  4 sheet
G. Pahuliskiy "Prefolk" ,  2 sheet
E. Zyohting "Etude" ,  2 sheet
S. Germanov "Nataliya" ,  2 sheet
On shave off. N. Leontovicha "Schedrik"
2 class
R. Shuman "Soldier march"
P. Chaykovskiy "Old-time French song"
D. Kabalevsky "Clowns"
А. Gedike composition 36 "Sarabanda"
D. Kabalevsky "Light variant to subjects russian public canto" ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet
F. Dušek "Sonatina" (second and third part) ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet
L. Shitte "Etude"
S. Maykapar "Etude"
K. Cherni "Etude"
P. Chaykovskiy "Chorus girl" from opera "Evgeniy Onegin", Ensemble ,  2 sheet
1 class
А. Nikolaev "Etude"
D. Shteybelt "Adagio"
L. Mocart "Minuet"
S. Maykapar "Moth"
F. E. Bah "Minuet"
Prelude ,  2 sheet
V. A. Mocart - Minuet from opera "Don Zhuan"
0 class
А. Filippenko "Festive"
The Ukrainian public song "Dyby-dyby"
The Ukrainian public song "Come, come, Sun"
Nursery song "Cornflower"
The Ukrainian public song "Goes, goes the grandparent, grandparent"
The Ukrainian public song "Ouch bell is rung"
Ya. Stepovoy "Forty - a crow"
Public humorous saying "Bunny"
Public humorous saying "Sun"
M. Rauhverger "Cow"
Nursery song have "Finally come severe colds"
M. Krasev "Sink - sink"
Ukrainian public song "Ring set with a stone"
А. Fillipenko "New year`s"
Polish public song "Two cats", Ensemble ,  2 sheet
Nursery song "Forty", Ensemble
Ukrainian public song "leave;quit;get out;, leave;quit;get out;, sun", Ensemble
T. Korganov "Gamma - a waltz", Ensemble ,  2 sheet
А. Bereznyak "Goes carry"
The Czech public song "Embroidery"
Ukrainian public song "Bunny and chanterelle"
M. Krasev "Herringbone"
Ukrainian public song "Chanterelle"
Ukrainian public song "Two cockerels"
V. Vitlin "Pussy cat", Ensemble - Secondo ,  Primo
S. Stepashina "Game of ball"
Yugoslavian nursery song "Paper dove"
The Russian public song "Cow"
French public nursery song "Dragonfly"
The Slovak public song "Paling - an paling"
The Russian public song "Rain"
K. Longshamp - Drushkevichova "Polka"
K. Longshamp - Drushkevichova "On skating rink"
V. Vitlin "Grandparent Frost", Ensemble - Secondo ,  Primo
The Ukrainian public song "Ouch to burst the hoop"
B. Berlin "Pony Asterisk"
Music to several music products, which played my sister
B. Bartok "Play"
S. Procofjev "Fairy-tale"
B. Bartok "Etude"
D. Shostakovich "Dance"
PreFolk, mi-minor key ,  2 sheet
Sonatina ,  2 sheet
Etude ,  2 sheet
M. Glinka "Amongst valleys even", Variacii to russian public subjects ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet ,  4 sheet ,  5 sheet
Else several ukrainian products for 0 class
Ukrainian public song "Noise"
Ukrainian public song "leave, leave, sun"
Ukrainian public song "White day, white day"
Ukrainian public tune
Ukrainian public song "Kolyada"
Ukrainian public song "Ouch foxes before vixen"
Ukrainian public song "Under grove"
Ukrainian public song "Dudarik"
Ukrainian public song "I - a nanny goat bright", Ensemble - Secondo ,  Primo
Ukrainian public song "for grove Ouch, grove"
Ukrainian public song "Ouch, ti girl engagement"
Ukrainian canto, which we sing on chorus
Poetry O. Olesj, muses. V. Shapovalenko, "Springtime"
Ukrainian public song "Schedrik", processing M. Leontovich ,  2 sheet
"Ouch grey cuckoo", processing M. Leontovich, word public ,  2 sheet
Ukrainian public song "Ouch, oak, oak"
Ukrainian public song "Gagilka", processing S. Lyudkevych ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet ,  4 sheet ,  5 sheet
"New year's song", music A. Kos-Anatoliskyj, word R. Bratunj ,  2 sheet ,  3 sheet ,  4 sheet
Rubric anecdote
Casual anecdote
(- Учитель: Почему слово "Бим" пишем с большой буквы?
- Ученик: Потому что это фамилия собаки.)
- A Teacher: Why word "Beat" write with capital letter?
- Pupil: Since this surname of the dog.
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