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Free auction of postage stamps and coins

Free auction of postage stamps

Lots:   5369 participants, 48275 lots.
Rate:   186 participants, 368 bids.

Free Coin Auction

Lots:   2245 participants, 3891 lots.
Rate:   75 participants, 86 bids.

Postage stampses

The Collections of the postage stampses: in the world animal, Tretiyakovskaya gallery, planes and much other that ...

The Postage stamps "Car GAZ-M-1, «Emka», 1936"
( 349 lots, 9 bids )
from group

SellerLots, MarksDate
  След.   1 2 3 ... 532 533 534

The collection of coins, numismatics

Valuation of coins, selling, buying.

Coin "One fifty kopecks, 1924"
( 370 lots, 13 bids )
from collection
Silver coins.

SellerLots, CoinsDate
  След.   1 2 3 ... 235 236 237

Stickers for matchboxes, phillumeny

Rare stickers, different periods and different subjects.

Sticker for matchbox "Gelburn S.I. (1787-1839) .The Russian sculptors"
from the collection
Stickers for matchboxes USSR, 1960-1966.

SellerLots, StickersDate

Auction platform for professionals and amateur collectors of coins, postage stamps

Each collector knows how difficult it is to find the right object for a particular series, as it is not easy to find buyers for a second copy of a rare thing. Spending a lot of time looking for buyers and sellers today is simply not feasible when there is computer technology, and every connoisseur has access to the World Wide Web. Numerous auction houses and specialized services highly appreciate their services, so many collectors simply do not benefit from them. An open auction, an accessible platform for placing advertisements, is exactly what you need to successfully buy and sell valuables and rarities. On the site many interesting things will be found for themselves and beginners, and amateurs, and experienced professionals.

Buying and selling

Transactions on the site are concluded by placing a certain lot for sale. The scheme of work is very simple and understandable. The interested visitor of the site can register and put up for sale a particular lot. It will be published in the relevant section, and the auction will begin. When a suitable buyer is found or, when the seller decides that the proposed price suits him, a deal can be concluded. Similarly, the site also works in the case of a purchase. Each user can publish photos and descriptions of what he would like to purchase. The website will also show the possible value of the transaction.

All offers are categorized, so the search will not take long. Announcements about coins, postage stamps, labels for matchboxes are published separately. You can sort the lots by their countries of origin, years of production and even individual topics. On the site you can easily find the seller's email address, where you can contact him. Direct contact with a potential buyer is the most convenient format of work. No intermediaries and overpayments, only a profitable purchase of interested values.

Benefits of the portal

The site provides an excellent opportunity to find everything you need for anyone who enjoys collecting or owning their own business, connected with philatelistics and numismatics. Unfortunately, there are very few such projects today even in the network. Rare copies can not be found in ordinary stores, and selling something through simple forums is very risky. The site also combines the convenience of search, excellent classification of all products and complete security.

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